Wylie Farms - Madera, Fresno and clovis Ranch Management

A family owned and operated ranch management company.

Regenerative Ag

Find out more on what and how we are farming regeneratively. Learn More

Ranch Management

We employ up to date best practices to maximize your returns.

Orchard development

Developing an orchard properly will affect the trees throughout their life.


Let us help with your fertility program, budgeting, custom pruning or just answering questions.


Farmers who treat your ranch like their own

At Wylie Farming, we provide ranch custom farming tailored to the specific ranch. Instead of applying what we call cookie cutter farming, we realize that each ranch has unique challenges and requires a program that maximizes returns.

We strive to minimize chemical inputs through orchard sanitation and improving the health of the soil, thereby increasing the natural disease and pest resistance and resilience of the trees.


Healthy soils build healthy trees that produce better crops to increase your returns

We have decades of experience in ranch management and farming our own pistachio, almond and citrus ranches. That experience guides our operation and consulting to give you the benefits of a larger operation, while we farm according to the specific needs of your ranch.

Reduce Unnecessary Costs

We will reduce the number of crop protection sprays by not spraying without reason. We will also cut your fertilizer costs without hurting your crop and even increase your yield by sap sampling more often than any other management company. We will fine tune your fertility program and save you money, while improving the health of your soil and trees.

Holistic Approach

We will immediately service your irrigation system and install soil moisture sensors. By closely monitoring the distribution uniformity of your irrigation, we will make sure you’re not wasting water or under irrigating, which would hurt your yields.

Value Focused

As a small company, we have less overhead than larger ranch management companies, which allows us to be profitable while still charging you less. We won’t nickel and dime you.

Valuable Partnerships

For over 30 years, we’ve formed close relationships with local vendors, nurseries, irrigation companies, dirt movers, harvesters, and everyone in between. We know who to call and what the services should cost, giving you peace of mind and saving you time and money.


Talk with our Ag Experts

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